1952 Buick Riviera "Resilience"

The theme and style of this buick was to take a modern twist on a 50's autorama concept car with a full team throught process and planning meetins with Tim, Paul and Erik Hansen and Brian Stupski from Problem Child.

This custom Buick started as a two door hardtop. The original roof was removed and the stock windshield frame was cut loose, moved forward at the base and then leaned back. The roof was taken from a 1948 Buick four door fastback sedan, it was shortened 16 inches, narrowed at from 3.5" and widened at the rear 8.5 inches. The C pillars were hand rolled on the english wheel. The window opening was hand made to achieve the desired flow. The rear window is from a 1948 Buick, the stainless beltline trim was stretched to match the new side glass openings. The front of the car was treated to a ton of tweaks and metal slicing. The fenders were pie cut and drooped slightly at towards the headlights, the lights are 2002 Jeep Liberty mounted from the rear. The hood also received a slight pie cut to flow with the fenders. A smoothed out 1952 Buick over rider bar surrounds a smoothed and V cut 1951 Oldsmobile grille bar to match the V of the Buick nose. The bumper is smoothed of all mounting bolts, the factory bullets were removed and the bumper curves reshaped. A full hand fabbed frenched overriding pan was fitted above the bumper. The rear of the car was reshaped as much as the front. The tops of the rear quarters were pie cut and drooped down ward, the tail lights and frenched 1954 Mercury with the lines of the lense carried into the body. The trunk lid outer skin was removed and a new skin from a 1951 Buick was fitted, giving the trunk lid a new profile almost 2" lower at the crown. The rear bumper is a 1956 Pontiac three piece unit that has been welded into one piece with accessory upper pieces. The bumper was sliced and fitted with exhaust outlets that match the spacing and curve of the Mercury taillights.

The interior was also treated with the same thought process. The dash was all hand made from scratch, with inspirations taken from 50's era kitchen appliances and transistor radios. A center floating pod was made and filled with full custom gauge faces and electronics from Brian Stupski and Classic Instruments. The dash mas many flowing curves and flows into the door. The inner areas around the front and rear windows were skinned with hand shaped metal and welded and smoothed to be painted, along with the rear deck. Full custom floor console was made and the Air Conditioning vents were made to match the tail lights and exhaust outlets, the console continues all the way to custom metal shaped between custom bucket seats. The front bucket seat frame are super rare option seats from a 1959-61 Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac convertible and fitted with custom foam from Krist Kustoms. The rest of the interior was done in house with Carrie Strange. There is a custom tilt Ididit column topped with a 1959 Oldsmobile steering wheel. and its filled with Kicker speaker equipment. The rest of the interior was also very well thought out for cool factory elements as 1941 Buick window cranks and 1952 Hudson interior lights.The trunk also was treated with a ton of thought and work. Metal edging from the weatherstrip channel down into the car was fabed and finished, then metal panels fitted and wrapped in leather, and hides all the Ridetech air tanks and pups as well as the Tanks gas tank. Vintage suit cases were found and rebuilt and filled with the stereo amps, built and covered by Krist Kustoms.

The engine comaprtment was also all hand fabbed. Smoothed firewall, custom inner fenders and radiator support and radiator cover. The engine is a 500 Cadillac that has been ground smooth. everything on it is hand fabbed, from the valve covers, to all brackets for the Powermaster Power Gen to the AC compressor. To keep it old and vintage looking with a modern twist, the style was tweaked from vintage speed boats, alternator looks like a generator, and the distributor is a electronic unti that looks like a Mag. The headers were also fabbed to mimic vintage speed boats that had the double wall and were water cooled. The hand made intake is topped with six Demon two barrels that were chromed.

 The chassis was started with the Buick, it was Z'd in the front a full 7" to get super low with the Scotts Hot Rods front fitted with Ridetech Shockwaves. The rear is a Ridetech triangulated four link and Ridetech Shockwaves. All suspesion parts were smoothed and plated by Advanced Plating. The frame was totally filled, welded and smoothed, along with custom crossmembers all boxed and filled. Everything on the chassis was smoothed and finished as the topside. Even the bottom of the body was smoothed and finished and wet sanded and polished as the top, along with all bottom side of the inner fenders. The rear end was also tweaked. An exact shape and side was copied to the rear end center housing to match the dash pod. The rear section from the rear end to the bumper has a hand made belly pan with hand made chrome strips shaped out of solid brass. The exhaust winds through the chassis using Flowmaster U fit mandrel pipe and Flowmaster HP-s mufflers all coated by Jet Hot. The exhaust runs above the bellypan at the rear.

The rolling stock was also all custom with 18" solids sent off to Greening Auto Company, they machined the holes and made the center caps, designed by Strange Motion and Brian Stupski, wrapped in BFGoodrich tires. Slowing it all down are smoothed Wilwoood disc brakes.

The car was finished off using the finest Axalta Finishes and a Blazing Copper base with clear.

This car was finished to a level top and bottom to compete at indoor events, up on stands with mirrors and lights under it.