1963 Ford Falcon
“Build it as you would yourself,” was the requirement given to Strange Motion. With free reign, Tim turned to a number of architecture magazines that he often perused, and combined the modern industrial look that he saw on those pages with various elements of ’60s IMSA racing technology and design trends.

“I’ve built lots of chassis with twin top and bottom rails and wanted to try the triple rail,” recalls Tim. “I can’t imagine all of the hours I have in cutting and notching the tubing.” What the Falcon ended up with is a chassis with a tubular truss design that incorporates an independent front suspension with a custom triangulated four-link at the rear. The original floor was cut out to fit over the new frame, and a new one was constructed from sheetmetal and steel tubing.

Atop the newly installed floor is a custom interior that starts with a modified factory dashboard. The original gauge location was filled in and the instrumentation now resides at the center near the bottom, providing an unobstructed view of the road ahead. Tim forged ahead with the build, fabricating a one-off center console, back seat delete, and wheeltubs to house the sizeable rear rollers.