1964 Chevy Corvair-

. The car was fully built in about 5 ½ months at nights and some weekends. If this seems fast, well it is. Especially, since we have no full time employees in the hot rod shop. Tim whipped up a rectangular chassis with a FatMan Fab narrowed Mustang II with Ridetech Coil overs, triangulated four link real from Ridetech and another set of Ridetech coil overs. A Dutchman polished aluminum nine inch. The chassis also consists of huge 13” Rotors and six piston Wilwood Calipers. The front end has a manual Rack as it was been narrowed 11” and too narrow for a power gear to work properly. All new fabbed up frame, floors, tunnel, tubs, trunk, firewall, upper cowl and inner fenders were all made by hand by Tim. Lots of thought was put into it to make it all work, and if you would see some construction pics, you would see just how much work was done. And the work was done to make it look like a lot was not done to it, trying to keep it mostly stock looking on the outside.

We tried to use a lot of GM styling in it through the changes. The hood needed more room to fit the new engine in the front as it was originally just a trunk. Tim likes early Vettes, so a full custom steel hood was made using the Corvette Stinger scoop as influence. More early GM stylings come from a 60’s Impala. A rough template was sent to Dan Baker of Alumicraft Grilles to use his talents to build a grille. It was his idea to use the Corvair center bar. But a thicker outside car with thinner filler bars to take away some Impala style, to people that see this at events and know that there was never a vented grille in these, they always ask questions and want to know who did it and how. The rest of the body is slicked and smoothed, and all bumpers, trim, handles and stainless was finished by Advanced Plating in Nashville using brushed Nickel. The dash again was using some of the best GM stuff. The 59-60 Impala has about the best dash ever, so one was found and narrowed 9” to make it fit. Uses Dakota Digital VHX series gauges. Ididit tilt column, Lokar floor shifter. Seats are cut down units from Summit Racing. Most all the parts were ordered and shipped straight from Summit Racing. Under the dash a Vintage Air heat and cool unit. The entire stereo is top line Kicker Audio with a blue tooth head unit, which has no regular radio or changers. Hidden sub woofers are also hidden under the rear seat area, which is now made to be a luggage deck. Everybody always asks, “What’s in the trunk?” I ask them the same and most look at me real blank. But it’s the same, stereo Amps, Optima Battery, and The Rick Gas tank, this is a Mustang unit, as they have a nice mounting flange. A tube structure was fabbed for the tank to mount to cleanly. The wheels were a new Budnik design for SEMA. The sizes are 18 and 20, to give a nice hot rod stance and wrapped in BFGoodrich tires for a great connection with the road.

The car was completed just in time for SEMA with Royal Purple and went over very well .The color has people confused. In certain lights it looks off white, pink or purple. It’s actually light lavender purple Carrie picked out of a fleet Axalta Paint book. As Tim was painting it that night, he said, I never thought I would ever paint a purple Corvair….the things a hot rod builder does with his wife….

Make - Chevy V6 4.3
Carburetor - Holley
Fuel pump - Holley
Radiator: material - Aluminum - Summit Racing
Alternator: Powermaster
Valve covers: mfg__Strange Motion custom metal__ model__________ material___________
Headers: Sanderson
Exhaust system - Flowmaster 
Are these numbers measured at the flywheel or rear-wheels?

Make - Chevy 200-4r
Assembled by Pheonix transmissions
Driveshaft: Dans Driveline, Las Vegas
Rear axle - Ford nine inch - Dutchman polished aluminum center

Budnik - Tungston  Front 18x7 Rear 20x10

BFGoodrich Front BFG G Force Comp2  225 40 18  Rear 255 35 20

Spindle  Fatman Fabrications - drop 2.5”
A-arms Fatman Fabrications  drop
Shocks - Ridetech Coil over
Total front lowering inches narrowed Mustang II, 11” than stock Mustang. Full custom chassis with a Z in front for desired stance

Shocks - Ridetech coilovers
Brakes - Wilwood  13” 6 piston calipers in front , 4 piston in rear

Total rear lowering inches  Full custom frame with a major kick in rear for desired stance. Polished stainless triangulated Ridetech four link.

Full hand built chassis from Tim at Strange Motion, 3x4” and 2x3” rectangle tubing, car was basically cut inside the rockers, mocked up at desired ride height. And everything in between was hand built.

Kicker blue tooth receiver

Amplifier Kicker
Front speakers-Kicker  size 6.5”
Rear speakers- Kicker size 6.5”
Subwoofer-brand - Kicker size 2- 10” under seat area which is now a luggage 
Stereo Installed by New South

Seats: manufacturer - Summit Racing, cut down to be shorter
color grey, Covering material - optima leather
Door and side panels: handmade by Carrie
Carpets: color grey, material - wool
Upholstery installer - Carrie at Strange Motion
Glass: Glass by Glass Guy Chicago, Brian Harding

Instrumentation/gauges - Dakota Digital
Model of gauges - VHX  59 Impala dash cut down 9” to fit
Steering wheel  - Budnik  model - Tungston
Shifter - Lokar                  
Other custom interior features- 59 Impala dash - cut down reshaped and narrowed 9” to make fit in Corvair

Color_______Lavender__ paint brand and type____Axalta Cromax Chroma Premier base with Chroma Clear___

            Painter _______________Tim Strange at Strange Motion___

            Bodywork done by _____Tim Strange at Strange Motion________________________

            Grille manufacturer ____full custom aluminum from Alumicraft Grilles____Bellwood PA___style_____this is a huge amount of work, the Corvair did not have a grille originally. Fully made by Dan Baker at Alumicraft with center GM bar and thick outer surround and thinner bars to give a slight influence from a 60’s Impala done so well most don’t realize how much work as been done on the nose to get air in the newly placed engine________

            Front bumper/roll pan manufacturer__ smoothed and brushed nickel finish_______Advanced Plating Nashville TN________

            Rear bumper/roll pan manufacturer_________smoothed and finished in bruashed Nickel by Advanced Plating Nashville TN__

            Hood manufacturer/model_________full custom hand built, first to clear the new engine where there was not and engine and a slight influence of a Corvette Stinger hood________________________

            Chrome by _____Advanced Plating Nashville TN___________________

outer body tweaked for new drivetrain but great car was taken to keep it looking mostly stock, the rear valance was hand built and the originally rear air inlet removed, rear shortened and smoothed. ____________________