Strange Motion/Kicker promotes BMX racing. Its goal is to bring out the best in our riders and help them achieve their potential abilities on and off the track.

The team currently consists of riders who race USA BMX tracks in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Tennessee, Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan as well as travels to national, regional and local races to compete. 

Strange Motion/Kicker BMX Team began in 2006 by Tim and Carrie Strange as a NBL team and quickly gained top notch talent moving up to a Factory team in 2011. Tim has a long history with BMX - as he started racing when he was a shy, quite 13 year old. Tim owes a lot of where he is today, to BMX.  Carrie has only been racing since 2004 - In 2007, Carrie made the USA World Team, ending with a World #5.  Each year since she has manage to retain a National Age Group number ending each year in the Top Ten.

Strange Motion/Kicker is PROUD to have many Nationally ranked members, Lilly Campbell has been showing her skills as she grows into a major player.  We are lucky to have several top notch riders - Super Proud to be working with Corben Sharrah - Make sure you turn in to the

Olympics in August 2016 to

Watch Corben go for the GOLD!